Our Goal:

To search the market and purchase an aircraft that specifically meets the buyer’s needs. Carolina Aircraft, Inc. and the buyer will work together to determine what make, model, equipment, and price range of aircraft to explore.

We specialize in Beechcraft:

Turbine and Jet Aircraft:

Our Sister Company Carolina Corporate Jets can help you with your Turbine and Jet Aircraft needs. Carolina Corporate Jets specializes in the following aircraft:

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Our Promise:

As a general rule if the buyer is patient, Carolina Aircraft, Inc. can save the buyer much more than the consulting fee and provide the buyer with comforting peace-of-mind knowing they are buying a good airplane. Our satisfied customers can sell our Consulting Services far better than we can.

The aircraft will be purchased from the seller at the best possible “Dealer Net Price”. Carolina Aircraft, Inc. will accept only the buyer’s consulting fee for its services; all other savings that Carolina Aircraft, Inc. can obtain will go to benefit the buyer.

Carolina Aircraft, Inc. will make an offer on each specific aircraft only with the permission of the buyer. It is agreed that Carolina Aircraft, Inc. will conduct an extensive search and try to obtain the best aircraft for the buyer. Buyer will pay 20% of the consulting fee in advance, balance to be paid upon delivery of specific aircraft. Should buyer change his mind about purchasing an aircraft, this 20% down payment is non-refundable; however, it can be applied toward a consulting fee with Carolina Aircraft, Inc. at a later date.


Carolina Aircraft, Inc. will appraise each aircraft and gather information concerning its history and value. Once an aircraft is identified, Carolina Aircraft, Inc. will schedule a thorough Pre-purchase Inspection and Test Flight. We will evaluate the required documents, maintenance records, engines, airframe systems, history, and avionics. Since we have many years experience flying, buying, and selling these airplanes, we know what to look for in a good Bonanza or Baron. We will negotiate with the seller and make a recommendation to the buyer on whether to purchase the airplane.


Carolina Aircraft, Inc. will be reimbursed for the following expenses in connection with the aircraft purchase:

Expenses associated with delivery of the aircraft:

Satisfaction Guarantee:

After the purchase is complete, if buyer is dissatisfied with the aircraft, for any reason, within a one year period from the date of purchase Carolina Aircraft, Inc. will attempt to resell aircraft at its expense and net buyer his purchase price plus the consulting fee paid to Carolina Aircraft, Inc. and other Reasonable Major Improvement Expenses to the airplane, less an hourly engine allowance for hours flown by the buyer. Moneys received above this net price will go to Carolina Aircraft, Inc. as our sales commission.


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